Sheryl Glassmith


Sheryl Glassmith has been producing innovative kiln-based glassware since 1994. A variety of techniques are used to create dynamic and beautiful glasswork, that is available in many forms.

Sheryl is available for commissioned work and no request is too strange. If she cannot make it, she probably knows someone who can. Browse through the photo gallery and if you would like to purchase any pieces or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Sheryl.

big dog studio 404b Main Rd, Coromandel Valley South Australia, 5051

Other outlets include: T’Arts in Gay’s Arcade, Rundle Mall Urban Cow Studio in Frome Road Pepperstreet Gallery Magill Road

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Glass splash-backs have become very popular because they provide an easy to clean surface and a simple uncluttered look.

Kiln-formed glass splash-backs differ to the glass splash-backs you will find elsewhere. Generally, commercial splash-backs are clear glass with a paint applied to the back, creating a flat and often featureless panel of glass.

Sheryl’s splash-backs are hand applied, high fire glass enamels, which means the colour is fused to the glass at a very high temperature. This process produces texture and movement to the work, that cannot be achieved with flat panels of glass.

Our splash-backs are all custom made to suit your vision and aesthetic, specific colour, design or theme.

Maybe you saw something in a photograph or magazine with the feeling or style you would like to capture, or you simply desire something that is different from everyone else. Sheryl can work with you to create your dream kitchen
or bathroom.


If you are looking for an original, beautifully designed gift or signature piece for your own home, you are bound to find what you need in the gallery or at one of her
other outlets;

Desert Series Sheryl makes a series of plates, coasters and wall panels/glass paintings the design of which is influenced by the colours and textures of the
Australian outback.

Seascapes Series This series is based around the vibrant colours and changing moods of the ocean. Platters, coasters and Wall Panels/Glass paintings are all produced as part of this theme.


Door and window panels that can diffuse the light to create privacy, as well as create a bold statement.

Original contemporary glass panels that have colour vibrancy and are designed to suit your style or that of your home.


Desert Series

Sheryl's natural environment is one of her biggest influences. She spends much of her spare time walking and camping. Mountains. Deserts. Oceans. Soaking up the sights, sounds, colours and textures. A keen photographer she takes thousands of pictures, memories to feed into her work.

Urban Totems

Sheryl Glassmith first started making her Urban Totem Series in 2007. Working on the notion of what we value and the value that is placed on the old and the rare. The series is based around what people in a hundred or a thousand years will collect and put a monetary or spiritual value on. What items will be placed together and given meaning that they may not have had when they were made.

The Totems are mostly long narrow wall pieces most often in sets of three.

They are predominantly glass but may also incorporate other media, natural and man made.

For Art's Sake

When Sheryl works, it is usually on 6 or 8 pieces concurrently. She cannot simply focus on just one at a time. Shapes textures and colours may inspire new ideas or designs, which transform and develop as the project expands.

This is how she works – rarely planed. What is produced simply evolves, which is why the work is so varied and can be appreciated by many differing tastes.